Patio Raspberry Rubus idaeus Yummy


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New patio raspberry 'Yummy' is just the thing for growing in a pot on your patio. It's naturally dwarf, growing to just 50cm tall so is perfect for container planting on the patio, terrace or even on a balcony!From July it bears a bountiful crop of large sweet juicy red berries which are delicious eaten fresh and make superb jam. What's more canes are thorn free so picking is pleasant and easy – especially for children.Best of all, 'Yummy' is a primocane variety, bearing fruit on new wood therefore meaning you'll get fruit in the very first year – no need to wait a year for crops! Easy to maintain, it requires just a little prune to simply remove old canes once they are older than 18 months and that's it.An easy to grow, care for and tasty Raspberry plant packed full of healthy nutrition that you can grow in your very own garden.


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