Blueberry Bluedrop


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A new type of blueberry, 'Bluedrop' brings a new dimension to this popular berry. Everbearing with teardrop-shaped fruits (hence its name) you'll experience a taste sensation with an abundance of balanced, sweet and sharp blueberries.
Produced on compact plants which reach around 60cm, the refreshing fruits mature in succession from the end of June until the first frosts, greatly extending the yield compared to traditional blueberries.
Easy to grow in ericaceous soil, they don't have complicated needs, so anyone can grow them from the most inexperienced gardeners to experts and, being smaller than the older varieties, they're ideal in pots on decks and balconies so you don't even need a garden.
Perfect for underplanting beneath normal blueberries for an extended crop, as a bonus they're semi-evergreen too, so make a decorative feature for most of the year.
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot, ready for immediate planting.


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