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A wonderful collection of some of the most popular garden vegetables, each one chosen to give you a reliable, bumper harvest of scrumptious courgettes, tomatoes and cucumbers over a long season. These are all easy to grow outdoors and they're also happy in a green house.
Supplied as 12 plug plants, ready to plant out when the danger of frost has passed, including 4 each of the follow varieties:
Courgette 'Defender' – an enduring favourite and holder of a coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit, 'Defender' crops early and has a picking season that can be twice as long as other varieties, producing heavy crops of delicious and firm, mid-green courgettes.  Harvest time is from July right through to October and the fruits should be picked when they're 10-15cm long. The plants will grow to 45cm high and 90cm wide.
Tomato 'Buffalosteak' – a wonderful variety that will give you large and delicious fruit, full of flavour with rich and meaty flesh over a long season. This top-performing cordon tomato has been created using a technique similar to that used with fruit trees for generations – grafting a variety onto a strong, disease resistant rootstock to get the best of both. The result is a bumper crop of tasty, juicy tomatoes! Cropping from July until October, provide a sturdy support as 'Buffalosteak' can grow to 2m tall.
Snack Cucumber 'Nimrod' – will produce bright yellow flowers followed by a bountiful harvest of small, delicious snack sized cucumbers that have bumpy deep green skins that are unusually thin, with pale green flesh that is crisp and refreshing to eat. A naturally trailing plant, grow it up a support where it will reach 3m in height. Pick regularly when young and tender between June and October to encourage more fruits over a longer period.


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