Avocado Tree


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This really is a novelty plant and something different – so different in fact, we've not grown them fully either (yet!).
We've located a small specialist grower in Holland who is developing ways to grow Avocados in Northern Europe and these fine trees are a great starting point.
Avocados thrive in warm, humid conditions, so will need winter protection in the UK - they can grow outside on patios fine though between late May and September. They will grow quite quickly at 50cm a year and these are already pruned back, so this season will produce side branches.
It makes an attractive indoor plant anyway, forming a woody trunk with pleasant glossy leaves. They usually take 5-7 years to produce fruit on a mature tree, and have fruited in UK before – indoors and out.
These Avocados are so new though, you will have great fun trying growing them regardless of whether they fruit, safe in the knowledge that virtually no-one else has ever grown one!
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