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This superb 'spring' onion – a winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit – is a tried-and-tested heritage variety that has been a firm favourite with beginner and experienced gardeners alike for more than 300 years.
With tall, pure white-skinned stems progressing to bright green tops, its mild flavour nevertheless has a distinctive, crisp and piquant 'bite' when harvested young. Left to mature for a while longer, it will develop a stronger, more pungent flavour – equally delicious whether eaten raw in salads, slaws or potato salads, or added to stir-fries or other savoury dishes during the final stages of cooking.
The definitive traditional 'spring' onion, it is fast-growing, compact and sturdy – ideal for patio containers or gardens with limited space. It is an ideal choice for growing in between other crops such as slow-growing brassicas to make maximum use of space, as well as a great plant for encouraging children to garden as they will quickly see the results of their efforts.
Being a hardy annual, you can be sure of achieving successful early crops. Sow in succession every 2-3 weeks to ensure a continuous harvest from May to October. These onions will thrive in full sun; plant them 15cm (6in) apart in well-dug, fertile soil after the danger of frosts has passed.
Supplied as a packet of approx. 650 seeds ready to sow outdoors directly in their cropping position.


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