Narcissus Miniature Mix


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Daffodils welcome spring with there bright, cheerful flowers in a huge range of sizes, shapes and shades, and miniature varieties are beautiful must-haves for every garden.
This delightful collection includes a range of flower shapes in shades of sunny yellow that look absolutely wonderful mixed together. They may be short in stature with small flowers but that only adds to their appeal, being perfect miniatures versions of their bigger, showier relatives.
Miniature daffodils are perfect for underplanting shrubs and scattering through lawns and woodland areas for a naturalistic effect, where their bright flowers shine like little stars. They're also superb when packed into pots, indoors or out.
Grow them in sun or partial shade, and they'll quickly naturalise, returning in greater numbers year after year.Supplied as 25 bulbs, size 8/10, ready to plant in autumn, growing to a height of 20 cm (8 in) and width of 10 cm (4 in).


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