Nandina Fire Power


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Nandinas, also known as Heavenly Bamboos, are amongst the best shrubs you can grow for spectacular winter colour from both leaves and berries.
With its bamboo-like habit, Nandina 'Fire Power' is a beautiful and compact, producing several upright stems from a tight clump of foliage which is mid-green during spring and summer, tinged with red and purple on new shoots. It produces clusters of small white flowers in summer, that become shiny red berries in autumn, which is the time that the real show begins as the leaves change colour.
The evergreen leaves become a spectacular bonfire orange and red, for stunning autumn colour which transforms to deeper maroon as it gets colder and the berries change to brighter and brighter red, so the whole plant is a frenzy of colour throughout winter.
An impressive specimen when grown in a pot, 'Fire Power' also looks superb growing in borders, where its bright winter colour is particularly welcome.
Supplied as an established plant in a 12 cm pot, ready to plant out, growing to a height and spread of 50 cm (20 in).


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