Pair of Cordyline and Decorative Planters


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This fabulous pair of cordyline plants in decorative planters will create a Mediterranean feel in your garden. They are perfect for adding an eye-catching, modern twist to a patio, terrace, or balcony, providing instant impact in even the most compact of spaces.
With their regular, swirling pattern of leaves growing symmetrically from a slow-growing trunk, these cordylines make an interesting and architectural feature. Being evergreen, they will look attractive all year round, maintaining colour and structure through the autumn and winter when other plants begin to fade.
The bigger the plant, the hardier they are – these can withstand temperatures of -7°C, but we always suggest using frost protection fleeces or wrapping or bringing the containers into a garage or porch during the coldest winters.
Included with this pair of cordylines is a pair of 'wicker' design plastic planters with a 30cm diameter, providing you with a real 'instant impact' kit. Repot your cordyline right away into these attractive containers and place either side of doorways, gateways, pathways or patios and decking for a show-stopping display.


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