Musa basjoo – Japanese Banana


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This fantastic architectural banana plant will create a great impact in any garden! Forming a dense bush with huge paddle fan-like leaves spreading gloriously out through the air, it will create wonderful shadows on your patio. Once established, the big leaves will unfurl as they emerge each year through the central trunk,  and within 3-4 years you will have leaves over 1m long.
Hailing from Japan, it loves sunshine but it is hardy to -6°C when protected with fleece over winter – outside it is frost tender and will not survive being frozen. This Japanese Hardy Banana is brilliant if planted into a large pot and will create a real tropical feel to your garden.
Supplied as an established plant, approx. 30cm tall in a 1L pot, although can be a little larger on dispatch as they grow rapidally as the temperatures warm.
Note – it does not actually produce edible bananas in the UK, it is a close cousin of comemrcial bananas, but they do not grow here in UK climates. Grow it for its huge impact and size as a tropcial foliage plant.


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