Cordyline australis Green


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This fabulous cordyline will bring a tropical feel to your garden wherever you position it – whether as a specimen plant in your beds or borders, or in a decorative pot as an eye-catching feature for your patio, terrace, or balcony to provide instant impact in even the most compact of spaces. Or plant into a modern container and place it by a doorway, gateway or at the end of a path for an exotic focal point.
Attractive swirls of long, swordlike leaves fan out symmetrically from a central, slow-growing trunk; and being evergreen, it will look attractive all year round, maintaining colour and structure through the autumn and winter when other plants begin to fade. Place yours in a sunny spot and it will thrive for years to come!
The bigger the plant, the hardier it will become – it can withstand temperatures of -7°C, but we always recommend using frost-protection fleece or wrapping, or bringing container-grown plants into a garage, porch or greenhouse during the coldest winters.
Supplied as an established plant, approx. 55+cm tall, in a 14cm pot, ready to pot on or plant out.


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