Maranta leuconeura Kerchoveana


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Also known as Rabbit's Foot, Maranta is a native of the Brazilian rainforest. A delightful, compact houseplant, it has beautifully variegated bright green leaves with patches of darker green mirrored each side of the central vein. Ideal for growing in a bright spot, but it'll also tolerate shade.
Closely related to Calathea, Maranta has the same fascinating habit of having leaves that lay flat during the daytime and close upwards when light levels fall as if in prayer.
Fully deserving its coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit, you can be sure that this is a proven performer, guaranteed to be suitable for growers at every level of experience.
Not only are they beautiful to look at, these leafy tropical houseplants also help to clean the air in your home. Houseplants can actually improve the environment in our homes, clearing the air, removing toxins and adding valuable oxygen to the air that we breathe.
Supplied as a potted plant in a 12cm nursery pot, growing to a height and spread of 30cm (1ft).


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