Aloe Vera


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A favourite with gardeners due to its forgiving nature – Aloe Vera is a dessert plant and tolerates neglect and lack of water well.
Well known for its ability to soothe burns with its cooling sap, this slow growing succulent has thick fleshy leaves with toothed edges that form a wide rosette over time and makes a striking plant for a bright, sunny position.
A really easy-to-grow plant, this windowsill favourite can be moved outdoors during the summer to make the most of the available sunlight and warmth, although remember to keep it out of direct sunlight for a few days until acclimatised.
Some people also like to use aloe vera juice as a hair conditioner, makeup remover, or even a skin tonic, and it makes a great soothing salve for minor sunburn. To use the juice, simply remove a leaf from the plant and slit it along its length, scooping out the contents with a spoon.
Supplied 50cm tall including 15cm pot.
Please note that the decorative pot is not included, see 'as supplied' photo.


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