Loropetalum Black Pearl


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There is something enduringly fascinating about Witch Hazel, with its unusual and beautiful flowers appearing at a time when most other plants are settled into their long winter sleep. Seeing it cheers the soul, and reminds us that spring isn't too far away, and the cut stems are wonderful indoors in vases where they make a dramatic display.
A real hero of the winter garden, Witch Hazel will be familiar to everyone in its more common yellow and orange varieties, but this 'Black Pearl' variety of Loropetalum, or Chinese Witch Hazel, is a much rarer sight that puts on a fabulously colourful display.
Perfect for winter colour in the garden, 'Black Pearl' has vibrant pink ribbon-like flowers that erupt like fireworks from February until April, just the time of year when you need some colour in the garden. The stunning flowers shine out beautifully against the deep purple evergreen foliage that lasts all year round. 
Ideal in containers, it is slow growing and spreading so is very easy to manage and maintain. A great all-rounder, 'Black Pearl' is a lover of dappled shade and will thrive in gaps in beds and borders, but it will also tolerate full sun if you want to grow it in a patio pot, where it will make a stunning eye-catching feature. The dense foliage also makes it useful for hedging.
Supplied as an established plant in a 9 cm pot, ready to plant, growing to a height and spread of 1.5 m (5 ft).


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