Magnolia Fairy Blush


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This new introduction has got everyone talking and is a plant worthy of taking pride of place in your garden. Combining unusual leaves and gorgeously coloured blooms, 'Blush' is definitely not a plant to be hidden away.
Fairy Magnolia 'Blush' is a new, compact hybrid magnolia producing masses of russet coloured buds all the way along the stems which open to lightly fragranced, lilac-pink blooms in spring which age to white later in the season.
This elegant, bushy plant is free flowering, with, unusually for a magnolia, rich, mainly evergreen foliage (unless winters are particularly cold). Plants have even been known to provide a light flush of flowers during summer too, making this garden gem ideal for planting en-masse in the garden as a flowering hedge or used singly as a specimen plant to delight friends and family.
This amazing new addition makes the perfect plant if you're new to gardening too – it's extremely easy to care for and low maintenance. As a bonus, it's quite fast growing too, so will produce its delightful blooms on young plants, so you'll get results without having to wait years!
Be one of the first to get this fabulous introduction in your garden and enjoy its blooms first hand – images really do not do it justice.
Supplied as an established plant in a 13cm pot, ready for potting up or planting out.


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