Pair of Eucalyptus gunnii Azura


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'Azura' is an excellent new selection of the ever popular Eucalyptus tree, made even more suitable for British gardens. It is a much more compact and bushy form than the typical fast-growing Eucalyptus trees, and is also much hardier – reportedly surviving down to -20C.
Both these excellent improvements make it a great specimen for gardeners, and to top that, as the name suggests, it has an amazing Azure blue grey leaf coloration all year round too. And like all Eucalyptus, it has a gorgeous fresh and unique fragrance, so makes an ideal and long lasting cut foliage for the house too.
Grows best in full sun or light shade, it works well in larger pots, when trimmed twice a year, or grow as a specimen in lawns and borders, or even form a hedge with it, as in all these settings you get all round leaf colour.


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