Large Garden Incinerator 75L


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Garden bonfires are a bit of a nuisance when getting rid of your garden waste. They annoy the neighbours and create a mess of your garden, not to mention damaging grassy areas and nearby plants.
So, here's the ideal solution, a specialised container, designed specifically to burn your rubbish.
Designed with durability and functionality in mind, you can effectively manage all of your garden waste with this large garden incinerator.
Sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant thanks to its galvanised steel construction, this large capacity incinerator will slowly burn your garden waste, turning it to ash which in turn can be used as a soil conditioner in your garden.
With predrilled holes to improve the burning process, the easy-to-assemble bin includes feet and chimney lid to allow better control of smoke and ash from the burning contents.
With a 75-litre capacity, the garden incinerator is perfect for burning a wide range of unwanted garden waste such as leaves, weeds and cardboard as well as private and confidential documents.
Easy to move around thanks to its lightweight construction and integral handles, the legs help reduce scorching of the ground (although we do recommend a solid base for better protection and added stability).
Capacity: 75L (approx.).
Dimensions of the base with feet (excl. lid): H65cm (26in) x 45cm (18in) (approx.).


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