Pair of Patio Cleaning Wire Brushes and Scrapers


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The quick, easy and chemical free way to clean up your patio or drive! This complete set is perfect for clearing moss, algae, weeds and dirt from between your paving slabs, bricks, walls and barbeques. Now is a great time to clean away moss, which can get really slippery, from paths, before it spreads in the wet winter months. The longer wire brush will effortlessly scrape away grime from your slabs, while the triangular profile bristles will easily get into those tricky areas between each block.
For really tough, grown in weeds normally so difficult to remove, the pointed scraper attached to the head will get them out from tight spots with ease! The smaller flat wire brush will effortlessly scrape away grime from low walls and charred barbeques, with the very minimum of fuss. Each brush has a durable handle that is made from carefully selected pine wood. The heads are made from the highest quality beech. The brushes are made from high-quality steel and the scrapers from galvanised steel both are very tough and durable.


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