Iris reticulata Blue (miniature)


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Iris reticulata Blue is a dwarf, early flowering iris that is a native of mountainous parts of Russia, Turkey and Iran.
Narrow, erect foliage gives rise to richly coloured flower stems with vibrant cobalt blue blooms that have a bright golden yellow and white markings along the centre of each petal, giving them an orchid-like look. Appearing in March and April, the flowers are loved by bees and a host of other pollinators that appreciate the early source of nectar, and each one carries a wonderful fragrance.
Iris reticulata make a wonderful display when planted together in pots and they also work well in rock and gravel gardens or try them as a gorgeous centrepiece for your patio table. Preferring well drained soil and a sunny location, they will happily naturalise and spread, returning bigger and better every year. The bulbs can be lifted and divided in autumn.
Supplied as 25 bulbs, size 5/7 ready for planting in autumn, growing to a height of 15 cm (6 in) and spread of 10 cm (4 in).


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