Ipheion uniflorum (spring starflower)


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Otherwise known as the spring starflower, Ipheion uniflorum produces exquisite star-shaped blooms in early spring. Each stem bears a single, sweet-scented flower (reflecting the Latin uniflorum – single flower), with six pointed petals and colours varying through shades of pale silvery-blue to lilac. The narrow leaves appear before the flowers and, being a close relation to alliums, give off an onion-like aroma when crushed.
This small, herbaceous perennial is perfect for mixing with other low-level, spring-flowering bulbs in rock and alpine gardens, borders, beds and containers, and is also good for underplanting shrubs and roses. It naturalises easily, rewarding you with more profuse displays year after year.
Easy to grow, the bulbs will thrive in full sun or partial shade, preferring a sheltered position with moderately fertile, well-drained soil.
Supplied as a pack of 50 bulbs, size 4/5 ready for planting in the autumn.


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