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The flavours and aromas of freshly picked herbs is amazing, and this collection of the most popular culinary varieties is perfect for you to grow at home, either indoors where they can be sown and harvested all year round, or outside in the garden in pots. They keep well for months if dried, which also intensifies the flavours.
Coriander 'Calypso' grow either seasonally outdoors in a container, border or herb garden, or indoors on a light windowsill to ensure a continuous supply of aromatic leaves throughout the year. Popular in Asian cooking, this versatile herb will add distinctive flavour to a wide variety of savoury dishes as well as being an interesting garnish or addition to salads. 150 Seeds.
Oregano 'Greek' great flavour with hot and peppery notes, a wonderful addition to tomato based dishes, pizzas, sauces, soups or marinades. Good for drying and it stores well and the dried leaves have a more intense flavour. 900 Seeds.
Basil 'Sweet' a large-leaved variety that is most popularly used in cuisines all over the world. A favourite herb particularly for Italian cooking, its sweet, aromatic leaves are a characteristic ingredient for many dishes from salads and garnishes to soups, casseroles, ragu, pizza, and pasta dishes – and superb for making fresh pesto. Best when eaten raw or added to hot dishes at the last minute. 450 Seeds.
Parsley 'Giant of Italy' one of the very best flat-leaf parsley varieties, producing robust plants with sturdy upright stems bearing large, dark green leaves. Having a terrific sweet and pungent taste when used raw, it also retains its rich, strong flavour in cooked dishes. 500 Seeds.


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