Geranium Censation Kora


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Hardy Geraniums, or 'Cranesbills' as they are commonly known, are one of the easiest and best garden performers for low maintenance, flowering displays, and versatility to growing conditions. Everyone should find space for them!
A real showstopper, from May to July every year, Geranium Censation 'Kora' stands tall above its foliage and produces incredibly beautiful blooms with delicate, tissue paper petals in an eye-catching shade of mauve-blue with contrasting white centres. Not to be confused with bedding Geraniums, more correctly called Pelargoniums, these really are one of the most versatile plants – sun or shade, wet or dry, pots or garden, they just keep doing their thing year after year.
From their dormant state over-winter, in spring they produce neat and tidy small domes of foliage that will become smothered in flowers in Summer. A mecca for bees, they will be buzzing with activity on sunny days.
Supplied as 3 x bare root plants, ready to plant out.


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