Lilium formosanum var. Pricei


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Lilies are one of the most graceful and beautiful of the garden bulbs and this compact form is no exception. A Formosa-type lily with narrow leaves on upright stems, it will produce 1-3 extremely fragrant flowers per plant and will fill your garden with exotic perfume.
Short and strong enough to grow in pots, yet tall enough to cut flowers each summer, this lily is versatile, reliable and very hardy. Plant en masse in large pots or in groups for maximum impact, or maybe just dot them round your garden to brighten up drab spots.
A little later flowering than other types, once the plants have matured, you can expect blooms at any time from July into September from its sturdy stems.
Quick to mature, they'll return year after year, getting bigger and bigger, plus they can seed around so you'll get plenty of new plants when they do so. Great value, easy to grow and truly stunning, they're worth a place in any garden.Supplied as a pack of 6 jumbo plug plants, ready for immediate planting.


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