Black Calla Lily Zantedeschia Cantor


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'Cantor' is a highly sought-after and simply beautiful Calla lily variety, producing stunning, near black flowers each summer. Newly formed blooms are black to begin with, then unfurl slowly to reveal deep, maroon-purple trumpets. A real showstopper!
Grow singly in pots about 10-15cm diameter, or all 3 in a 20cm diameter pot. For best results, they should be kept very warm and well watered once planted for 2 weeks to kick-start them out of dormancy – on a heater or an airing cupboard is fine, then once the green shoots appear, they can be placed outside.
The corms are shallow, and need to be planted saucer shape up, just with a shallow 1-2cm covering of compost only. You will be rewarded with tremendous displays of sumptuous calla flowers that last for 5-6 weeks, and appear again year after year.
Supplied as 3 bulbsready for planting.


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