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Apple 'Elstar' and 'James Grieve' Duo TreeNow everyone can grow fruit trees in the minimum of space!  These incredible duo fruit trees have been meticulously grafted by highly skilled nurserymen to provide 2 different apple varieties growing on one rootstock.  What's more, the rootstocks are dwarfing, meaning that your trees will always remain compact.
You will get 2 different varieties of fruit from 1 tree – perfect for anyone who loves the idea of picking their own home-grown fresh fruit but has limited garden space. They are ideal for growing in a container on your patio and equally happy in a small border. With stunning spring blossom and attractive autumn foliage, not only do they taste good - they look good too!
'Elstar' AppleA versatile variety that is delicious and juicy eaten straight from the tree, this apple's honeyed sweetness balanced with acidic notes means it is also a great choice for cooking – superb in cakes and desserts and makes a great apple sauce! Producing medium-sized dessert apples, greenish-yellow at the base and flushing to an attractive red at the top, 'Elstar' are satisfying to bite into, their lemon-white flesh being crunchy but not too crisp. And, of course, they are bursting with juicy flavour.Developed in the Netherlands in the 1950s by crossing Golden Delicious with Ingrid Marie, this dessert apple is a favourite across Europe but not often seen in the UK. For use from October to December.
'James Grieve' Another superb old variety that you won't find in supermarkets. If you pick the elegant, red and green, satin-sheened fruit in early to mid-September, they are refreshingly acidic, sharp, and perfect for cooking scrummy apple crumbles and pies. However, if your wait a few weeks longer, the delicious flavour mellows, becoming mild, sweet and truly excellent picked straight from the tree. The soft flesh is literally packed with juice and glistens tantalisingly when you bite into it. If you can resist eating your whole crop, they make truly incredible juice! For use from September to October.
Both varieties individually hold the RHS Award of Garden Merit, so you can be sure they will reward you with delicious full-sized fruit year after year.  Fully hardy and self-fertile, they will produce bumper crops with the minimum of effort. Because they are already trained into a V shape, they are perfect for growing against a wall or fence, where they will reach a mature height of 1.5-1.8m.


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