Ballerina Apple Flamenco


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Ballerina apple trees are the original and best columnar fruit trees as their unique, virtually branchless habit is a genetic trait and not just a result of intensive nursery training and pruning. This means they are sure to keep their shape over the years without further skilled pruning.
Reaching only 2m height after 5 years, Ballerina 'Flamenco' are the easiest trees to harvest as the apples naturally occur on small spurs close to the main stem. As well as being productive fruit trees, Ballerinas make spectacular garden ornaments when grown in a large pot. They are superb patio plants and look wonderful displayed either side of a doorway or garden gate where you can really appreciate their lovely white spring blossom followed by a good crop of juicy red apples.
Raised at the famous East Malling Research Station in Kent, they are perfectly suited for the British climate, making them easy to grow and reliable - perfect for novice gardeners or those strapped for time.
Supplied as a 90-110cm tall established plant in a 5L pot ready for immediate planting.


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