Apple Malus domestica Elshard


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A wonderful new variety of apple, 'Elshard' is an offspring of the venerable Golden Delicious, so you know for sure that is has excellent heritage!
This versatile variety is deliciously juicy and crunchy eaten straight from the tree, and has a tasty, honeyed sweetness balanced against noticeably acidic notes making it a great choice for cooking – superb in cakes, crumbles and desserts. Although self-fertile, cross-pollination from a nearby tree will increase the already bumper crop.
Producing small, intensely red fruit 'Elshard' apples are satisfying to bite into, their white flesh being crisp and crunchy. And best of all, they are absolutely bursting with juicy, tangy flavour and ready to harvest from October to December, and they store very well too!
Supplied as an established tree, 150cm (5ft) tall in a 24cm pot. growing to a height and spread of 2.5m (8ft).


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