Delicious Dahlias Lubega (R) Series


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A new range and a breeding breakthrough for decorative dahlias, the Lubega series will bloom earlier than standard types and are versatile, all-round performers in the garden, making them a great choice for anyone to grow. A stunning introduction in patio Dahlias with uniformly large, bright and bold blooms which contrast magically with the glossy leaves – it's little wonder that these dahlias are proving to be a hit as indoor plants too as they remain naturally compact at around 35cm (14in).
Vigorous and self-branching, these beauties are easy to grow because no pinching is necessary and the large, bright, fully double blooms cover the plant all season giving you great results with no effort. Superb in the flower border or perfectly suited to a pot due to their compact nature, the huge, colourful blooms will dazzle you, and their early flowering period means that you will have dahlias to pick before anyone else!
If you are looking for even more flower power then this fantastic collection of mini dahlias is just what you're looking for with three different Lubega types, including the Lubega 'Power' series with bigger and bolder blooms and the Lubega 'Special' series of bicolour dahlias.
Supplied as 12 x plug plants, ready to grow on before planting out. 1 of each named variety:

Dahlia Lubega Special Orange Bicolour
Dahlia Lubega Special Bicolour Burgundy
Dahlia Lubega Burgundy
Dahlia Lubega Special White Red
Dahlia Lubega Scarlet
Dahlia Lubega Special Rose Eye
Dahlia Lubega Rose
Dahlia Lubega Power Special Sunrise
Dahlia Lubega Orange
Dahlia Lubega Yellow
Dahlia Lubega Purple White
Dahlia Lubega White


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