Coriander Calypso Seeds


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Otherwise known as cilantro, or Chinese parsley, this half-hardy annual is great to grow either seasonally outdoors in a container, border or herb garden, or indoors on a light windowsill to ensure a continuous supply of aromatic leaves throughout the year.
Popular in Asian cooking, this versatile and piquant herb will add distinctive flavour to a wide variety of savoury dishes as well as being an interesting garnish or addition to salads.
British-bred and vigorous, this coriander is slow bolting, with a low growing point, creating uniform, bushy plants that are perfectly suited to 'cut and come again' cropping and will replenish themselves well at least 3-4 times after cutting. So the real magic of this little packet of seeds is that it will allow you to say goodbye to those frustrating supermarket pot herbs that barely last 2-3 weeks and are reluctant to grow back when cut.
Removing flower stems will prolong the production of young, tender leaves – or you can leave the flowers on if you want to harvest and dry the seeds for culinary use.
Supplied as a packet of approx. 150 seeds ready to sow indoors or outdoors. Grows up to 40cm (16in) height and 25cm (10in) spread, depending on planting position. Harvest outdoors from mid-spring to the end of August, or indoors all year round.


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