Complete Spring Flowering Bulb Collection


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Transform your garden with 6 whole months of fabulous colour each year - this fantastic offer is less than half the normal price you'd pay for 300 bulbs of this quality!
From January right through to June you will be amazed by the dazzling array of colours and variety of shapes from these quite brilliant plants. They are perfect for patio containers and flower borders, and best of all, each of these flowers will naturalise, so you will get bigger and better displays each year for many years to come. All of these bulbs are guaranteed to bloom, so you will get a minimum of 300 stems of vivid colour through spring and into early summer.
Included in this pack:

25 x 'Triumph' Tulips – The classic tulip with large, cup-shaped flowers in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours during April. Very strong and sturdy, growing to 50cm (20in) tall.
15 x Miniature Narcissi – Brightly coloured daffodils, but in exquisite miniature from February to April, reaching just 20cm (8in) tall.
15 x Crocus – Beautiful purple, yellow and white flowers that look wonderful scattered in drifts during February and March, growing to 20cm (8in).
50 x Muscari – The grape hyacinth, with poker-like clusters of densely packed, bell-shaped, purple-blue flowers in March and April, growing to 15cm (6in).
55 x Allium 'Moly' – Loose clusters of bright yellow flowers make this allium useful for lightening areas of dappled shade in May and June. Grows to 50cm (20in) tall.
55 x Brodiaea – Gorgeous bell shaped deep purple blooms between May and June, reaching 40cm in height.
30 x Allium 'Neapolitanum' – Pure white flowerheads in April and May, growing to 40cm (15in).
55 x Ipheion uniflorum – Beautiful little star-shaped, silvery blue scented flowers from March to May, reaching 25cm (10in).
Note - we reserve the right to substitute one or two components to an equal number and value should insufficient stocks be available all season.


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