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There's nothing like the taste of home-grown fruit, but if you're short on space, deciding which tree to choose can be difficult and this fantastic collection of columnar fruit trees will make that decision easy for you.
With these three Columnar fruit trees you will have an abundance of delicious and juicy Apples, Pears and Cherries, all grown and ready to be easily picked in your own garden. Developed to have a naturally compact and columnar habit with no branches, they have been bred, rather than pruned into a unique upright shape, so it will maintain its form without the need for special training or pruning.
In this collection your will receive:

1 x Cherry 'Queen Mary' Columnar Tree – Producing simply stunning spring cherry blossom that in July is followed by large, dark red and aromatic fruit that's just begging to be eaten.
1 x Pear 'Decora' Columnar Tree – Beautiful and delicious brown fruits that are firm and juicy and ready to pick from September and beautiful blossom in the spring.
1 x Apple 'Bolero' Columnar Tree – Sweet, crisp, and juicy, medium sized apples that are ready to pick from September, perfect for eating fresh or using in your cooking.
Self-fertile and growing to just 2m in height after 5 years, the fruit from each tree is so easy to harvest as the it naturally occurs on small spurs close to the main stem instead of on branches. Being very productive fruit trees, they also make spectacular ornamental trees that when grown in a large pot. Superb as patio plants, they will look wonderful displayed either side of a doorway or garden gate where you can really appreciate their lovely spring blossom.
Supplied as a collection of 3 bare root trees (1 x Apple, 1 x Pear, 1 x Cherry), ready to plant, growing to 2m in 5 years.


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