Chamaerops Humilis Fan Palm


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Transform your garden into a tropical paradise with this fantastically exotic Fan Palm!
Chamaerops humilis (also known as the Dwarf Fan Palm) are the palms you will see growing all across the Mediterranean – and if ever there was a plant to give your garden a holiday feel, then this is it !
Despite their exotic good looks, fan palms are frost hardy to -5C! so will withstand frost but benefit from going undercover if the temperature drops too low.
With their large round leaves that are cut into linear, fan-like segments growing abundantly in a round, compact bush, these Chamaerops humilis are perfect for pots on your patio, or they'll make a striking spectacle in a sunny border.
Like all palms, Chamaerops are very easy to grow and love hot sunny weather plus they are drought tolerant when established so a great option for those who tend to forget to water now and again!
Supplied as an established plant approx 35-40cm tall.


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