Calathea Orbifolia


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The abundant and incredibly attractive leaves of this exotic beauty will certainly brighten up a shaded spot in your home.
Calathea 'Orbifolia' has enormous, glossy green foliage with beautiful silvery stripes. This is one of the largest of all the Calatheas, with leaves that can easily reach up to a foot across!
A popular house plant, Calathea is also referred to as the prayer plant as the leaves move upwards when light levels fall as if in prayer, making a fascinating addition to your home decor. Easy to take care of and supplied ready grown for instant impact.
Not only spectacular to look at, these leafy tropical houseplants also provide air-cleaning benefits. It has been found that houseplants can actually improve the environment in our homes, clearing the air, removing toxins and adding valuable oxygen to the air that we breathe.
Supplied as a potted plant in a 21cm pot, growing to a height and spread of 75cm (2½ft).


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