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Rarely available to UK gardeners, the Japanese Burberry 'Berber' is a gorgeous and versatile shrub that grows in a loose upright form and makes a perfect low-maintenance hedge or edging or can be added to a border or used as a specimen plant in a container.
A prickly, low growing deciduous shrub, this berberis is particularly noted for its bright golden foliage that, unlike many other golden varieties, will not scorch in the sun so is ideal for a sunny spot. A feature plant throughout the year, as the seasons change so does the foliage. Creating a simply stunning and eye-catching display.
In this collection you will receive:

Berberis 'Harlequin' – a compact shrub that will bring vibrant colour to beds and borders, with its dark purple-red leaves, splashed with cream and pink.
Berberis 'Golden Pillar' – is a beautiful spectacle with its orange-red new growth that matures to vivid golden green.
Berberis thunbergia 'Golden Ruby' – striking coral red foliage that develops a beautiful golden edge as they mature, turning bright yellow in the autumn.
Berberis are completely hardy, drought tolerant and easy to grow and care for. Although they don't require much pruning, they can be trimmed after flowering in spring. It will also respond well to being clipped to shape for hedging.
Supplied as 3 x established plant in 9 cm pots, ready to plant out.


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