Baby Bio Leaf Shine


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To help your houseplants thrive, use Baby Bio® Leaf Shine to give them a long-lasting natural looking shine. Baby Bio® Leaf Shine is an easy to use aerosol product that gives your houseplants' leaves the shine they need to look the best they can. By keeping the dust off the leaves, it maximises the light reacing the leaves and therefore growth that the plant can make.Additionally, it unblocks the stomata (the microscopic holes in the leaves), helping your houseplants breath effectively.
Application method: Ready to useShake can thoroughly before use. Spray from a distance of 30cm (12 in) on the upper leaf surfaces only.Use a sweeping motion to give a light, even film, without overwetting the leaves. The product may be applied at monthly intervals.Use when plants are well watered and the soil in the pot is damp.


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