Blooming Fast Superior Soluble Fertiliser 500g


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A complete fertiliser for use all around the garden, with a professional formulation that can be used on flowers, fruits and vegetables to give sensational results, this really is superior!
So simple to use, just add one 5g scoop, included in the pack, to a gallon of water (4.5 litres) or a standard watering can, and water during the growing season. This pack makes up to 100 watering cans of feed – that's a lot of feed for your garden. You'll see fast, sustained results with bigger and better bedding covered in masses of flowers, perennials exploding into lush growth and bountiful crops from all of your fruit and vegetables.
It's packed full of the most important nutrients and is high in nitrogen and phosphorous for healthy leaves, stems and roots, potash for bumper fruits and flowers along with 7 trace elements and humic acid so that your plants will thrive in every type of soil or compost.
Supplied as a 500 g resealable pack of soluble fertiliser, enough to make 100 gallons of feed.
Directions for Use
Dissolve 5 g of feed (1 scoop, included in the pack) per gallon (4.5 L) of water.
For spring feeding: Feed plants once a week between March and April.For summer feeding: Apply twice a week to support vigorous growth from May until September.
Keep away from pets and children and store in a cool, dry place. Wash hands after use.


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