Artichoke Imperial Star


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Globe Artichokes are considered a true gourmet food by many, probably because of there unusual and exotic looks. These large and architectural perennial plants are grown for their edible flower buds, but they also make great ornamentals in the garden.
'Imperial Star' is a very good cropper, even in its first year, and forms exceptionally large buds with a great taste that are ready to harvest between June and September. Any buds left on the plants will flower, looking like thistles that are a magnet for bees and butterflies.
Remove the buds just before they open and begin to flower and boil or steam until tender before remove the leaf scales one by one. The scales and hearts are delicious dipped in melted butter.
The plants will provide excellent crops for several seasons, but it's best to replace them ever 3 or 4 years as they become gradually less productive.
Supplied as 3 established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant, reaching 180cm (6ft) in height and 75cm (2½ft) wide.


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