Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree)


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Evergreen trees that suit the British climate are few and far between and this is a perfect example of one that will give all-round interest.  With shiny, deep-green, leathery leaves, pretty cream autumn flowers and colourful fruit, the Strawberry tree deserves to be far more widely grown.
This is an easy tree to grow anywhere and suits coastal regions too. It grows steadily, forming a nicely proportioned medium-sized bush, which is covered with lustrous foliage throughout the year. In autumn you'll enjoy panicles of creamy bell-shaped blooms, which are not unlike Lily of the valley in appearance and are are particularly welcome as winter approaches.
The orange-red, globe-shaped fruits ripen in autumn from the previous year's flowers, giving the whole tree a very decorative look at this time of year.  Fruits are edible but sharp-tasting when raw so best left on the tree for their ornamental value - although they can be used in preserves.


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