Gaultheria Big Berry


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Also know as the Checkerberry or Partridge Berry, this low growing evergreen shrub is an excellent choice for containers on a terrace or balcony and makes a handsome ground-covering plant for shady spots.
Bell shaped flowers in pinkish-white open from May to July, but 'Big Berry' really starts to put on a show in autumn, when it covers itself in large, aromatic, bright scarlet fleshy berries 10mm across. This display lasts through the winter, so you'll really appreciate the colour during the darker months.
Gaultheria prefers partial shade over sun, and will do well in full shade too, so it'll perform fantastically brightening up those dull spots that all gardens have. The soil should be neutral or a little acid, so us ericaceous compost especially when growing in pots.
Supplied as an established plant in a 13cm pot, ready to plant out. Reaching a height and spread of 15cm (6in) x 1m (3ft).


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