Spiral Topiary Cupressus – Emerald Cedar


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Save yourself years of painstaking work by buying this ready-made topiary specimen - already crafted into a dramatic spiral shape by expert nurserymen!
Creating a real show-stopping feature, this topiary cypress is the perfect plant to grace a handsome pot and place by patios, terraces or in front gardens as a centrepiece, or plant in pairs and place either side of doorways, gateways, pathways and entrances, bringing the plantsman's art to your garden to be admired for years to come.
This form of Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' or Emerald Cedar as it is more commonly known, is dense and slow growing so keeps its shape well once trimmed. Easy to care for, there's really very little to do, just give an occasional light trim to maintain the shape to your taste, taking particular care to remove shoots from any bare stems. It will really flourish in a both a sunny or lightly shaded spot.
Delivered as a mature pruned plant in 10L pot. Feed regularly during growing season.


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