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Popular on continental Europe and with Dutch origins, 'Tros Oranje' is widely regarded as one of the most attractive apricots available, and now you can grow it yourself in the UK.
'Tros Oranje' welcomes spring with a beautiful display of fragrant white flowers during April and May, attracting bees on other pollinators with their much needed early-season nectar. During summer, the incredibly attractive apricots begin to form, richly coloured with orange skins and a flush of red. Often earlier to ripen than other apricots and ready to pick from July, they are full or delicious juiciness and have an excellent flavour. Ideal for making deserts and jam or adding to fruit salad, and a real treat as a snack fresh from the tree.
Grown on a dwarfing rootstock, this deciduous tree is the perfect size for growing in a large pot on the patio, and it can be trained against a south-facing wall as an espalier or fan, and as it's self-fertile, there doesn't need to be another apricot tree nearby to pollinate it. However, you can increase your crop my hand-pollinating. Although hardy, choose the warmest place you can for growing your apricot. Keep it sheltered from cold winds and you'll be rewarded with plenty of tasty, juicy fresh apricots. If frost is expected, you may need to cover the blossom with fleece to protect it.
Supplied as an established tree in a 7.5L pot, 1.6-1.8m (5-6ft) tall and growing to a height of 3.5m (11½ft) and spread of 2.5m (8ft) in 10 years.


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