Apricot Dwarf Patio


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What could be better than growing your own apricots right outside your patio door? Our dwarf patio apricot has been grown especially that in mind.
In spring, as early as March, beautifully scented pale pink blossom appears, filling the air with fragrance. As summer arrives, wonderful orange splashed, sunshine yellow apricots being to form, growing larger until they're finally ready to pick in August, and being self-fertile, there doesn't need to be another apricot tree nearby to pollinate it. However, you can increase your crop my hand-pollinating.
Growing on a dwarfing rootstock, this deciduous tree is the perfect size for growing in a large pot on the patio, and it can be trained against a wall too – south facing is best so that the tree receives maximum sunlight. Although hardy, choose the warmest place you can for growing your apricot, sheltered from cold winds and you'll be rewarded with an excellent crop of firm, juicy fruit. As they flower early in the spring, you may need to cover the blossom with fleece if a frost is expected, otherwise your crop will be reduced.
Perfect for snacking, picked fresh and juicy straight from the tree, and ideal for adding to fruit salads, making jam and cooking into tasty puddings.
Supplied as an established tree in a 21cm pot, 1-1.25 (3-4ft) tall and growing to a height and spread of 2m (6½) in 10 years, dependent on pruning.


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