Anemone De Caen Mix 75 bulbs


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Get your garden spring ready with this vibrant collection of 75 woodland flowering anemone corms.Anemone coronaria De Caen explodes with early season colour, creating a carpet of reds, pinks, blues and whites that will return to your garden in spring for years to come. They love sunshine, and their poppy-like, velvety flowers also make fantastic indoor cut flower displays.Very easy to grow, once planted you can leave them in the ground and they will naturalise, so if you want to create the perfect spring paradise, then this collection is the easy way to an eye-catching floral display.Anemone De Caen makes a voluptuous display in a group but are equally impressive when grown singly, where you can truly appreciate the sumptuous flowers. Their delicate, cupped blooms each have a darker central eye and appear from March to April above a mound of deeply divided, fresh green fern-like leaves.Ideal for a sheltered, sunny site, this is a charming collection of colours to make your spring garden truly spectacular.We send 75 corms, ready for immediate planting in pots or in the garden.


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