White Cobbles 40-90 mm


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Indulge in a little extravagance with these stunning solid marble cobbles. Their large size makes them guaranteed to draw attention both indoors and in the garden.
The marble has a beautiful natural sparkle in the sunlight and these cobbles will brighten up any border or rock garden and provide superb contrast with darker stones or architectural plants, especially in large planters for a dramatic effect. They're large stones, between 40 and 90 cm and they look great mixed together, or why not combine them with our selection of stone chippings to create a striking Zen style gravel and rock garden?
They can be used in ornamental water features or at the edge of a garden pond where they'll reflect beautifully in the water, however they aren't 'fish friendly' so we don't recommend submerging them in water if you keep fish or other pond life.
Supplied as a 20 kg bag of cobbles in a range of sizes from 40 to 90 mm.


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