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A perennial brassica from Japan, Wasabi is a native of shady river banks high in the Japanese mountains, and grows best in a damp, shady spot – ideal for the British climate. Forming a lush plant with leaves that can grow up to a meter wide, Wasabi japonica can also be grown in a pot if you're short on space.Wasabi (also known as Japanese Horseradish) is 100% edible so leaves, stems and flowers can all be enjoyed throughout spring and summer to spice up a salad while the rhizomes develop. The wasabi stem, or rhizome, is formed at the base of the plant and grows upwards above ground taking up to two years to reach maturity. It is this stem which is grated to produce wasabi paste.Once rhizomes are present you can pull the whole plant and grate your own fresh wasabi. As a bonus, you'll get small offshoots at the base of the harvested plant, which can be separated and re-planted to continue your fresh wasabi growing. Many of the products called wasabi don't actually contain real wasabi. Grow and taste the real thing and find out what you´ve been missing.Did you know… wasabi became a preferred flavouring in Japan and was prized for its ability to counteract food poisoning. Wasabi's ancient reputation as a healthy food comes from anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic qualities.Supplied as 3 x 9cm potted plants.


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