Wallflower Sunset Tutti Frutti Mix


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Wallflowers are loved by gardeners for their huge range of vibrantly coloured spring flowers and sweet honey scent.
'Sunset' is a biennial which will flower the spring after it is planted and is a hybrid, which makes it more vigorous and stronger growing with a longer flowering season than most wallflowers, even in poor soil conditions. 'Tuttu Frutti' flowers in wonderfully rich shades of red, purple, orange and yellow, bringing bold, fiery colour to your garden at a time when most other plants are still dormant. They're also a great source of early nectar for bees and butterflies.
Growing to just a foot tall, this gorgeous variety is spectacular when mass planted in containers to create a block of colour or planted trough borders for a stunning colour contrast with other spring flowers. They also make wonderful cut flowers, filling your home with fragrance.
Supplied as 20 garden ready plants, ready to be planted out, reaching a height and spread of 30 cm (1 ft).


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