Ultimate Strawberry Grow Pod System


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These revolutionary self-watering Strawberry 'GrowIn-Pods' will transform how you grow juicy strawberries and indeed virtually anything else on your patio – this year and for many seasons to come! It is an innovative, modular system that is incredibly flexible and has been specifically designed so you can create the format, shape and style of planting arrangement you need. They will produce perfect results every time with the absolute minimum of effort and in stylish Spanish terracotta colour, they look great too! GrowIn-Pods are made from the highest quality high density polypropylene that is totally UV proof and they come with a complete and unconditional 5 year manufacturer's guarantee! They are the last growing containers you will ever have to buy and can be configured to meet virtually any requirement you may have – make use of corner spots, doubled up in to a 'wall planter' and even made in to a 'wrap around' planter for posts and corners! When configured in to layers of 4 pods, they create a 4-leafed 'clover-shaped' arrangement so you can create a solid, stackable tower that will add height and drama to any area of your garden. Each 5 litre capacity 'GrowIn-Pod' has its own integral water reservoir ensuring no water is wasted but also that your plants have a ready supply of water and plant food as they need it. They also come complete with specially designed steel wall brackets, so where you do create dramatic vertical displays you can do so with the complete confidence that they will be held completely securely. They are perfect for floor standing, vertical indoor and outdoor displays and for your convenience, colour co-ordinated watering trays are also available. If using as a vertical grow tower, the water tray is the perfect addition. Manufactured from the same strong UV stable plastic, it is designed to hold the made up set of 4 in a layer snuggly and securely, and will catch up to 3 litres of water too, which can act as a reservoir for the bottom layer if you are popping away from home for a few days – cuts down watering and keeps plants watered.Each pod measures 210 x 210 x 210mm – each layer of 4 has a maximum width of 290mm. Can clip together and stack as singles, pairs, 3 round a pots or a complete layer of 4 Pods. Plant 1 Strawberry plant per pod, or 3 bedding plants if you choose a decorative look in future.


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