Twin Pack RocketGro Peat-Free Soil Improver 50L


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Soil Improver is a totally organic, sustainable, and natural plant waste material from the biogas industry. Made in Somerset from composted grass, maize, and rye, it is 100% natural, and contains a rich source of low-level nutrients to slowly feed your soil and plants. And most importantly it is Peat-Free, and a low energy option compared to coir and other peat alternatives.
Peat is not a great soil improver and should not be used for this purpose. Our natural Soil Improver contains low levels of natural slow-release feed, bioactive microbes to invigorate your soils and adds lovely fibre structure to improve clay and poor soils to make them easier for plants to root in.
Dig in a 1-2' (2.5-5cm) deep layer, depending on how poor soil is. Each 50L bag will thus cover 5-10 sq. FT (0.5-1sq.M). For a no dig option, spread on the surface and over a season it will work its way into the soil naturally.
It can also be added at a maximum of 50% to dilute any potting compost, for use in larger pots, tubs and hanging baskets too.
NPK 4:2:6. 100% Vegan friendly, and animal and child safe. 100% peat free and natural. Soil Association Organic Certified for Organic Growers.
Supplied as 2 x 50L bag of Peat Free Soil Improver, delivered direct to your door for ultimate convenience and free of charge.


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