Tutti Frutti Pre-Planted Baskets


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Quick and easy, our pre-planted hanging baskets are the perfect solution for gardeners who want perfect displays but don't know where to start.
Light up your summer garden with Begonia 'Tutti Frutti', covered with sumptuous flowers, ablaze with beautifully warm shades of red, apricot, orange and yellow.
These colourful trailing beauties will give your garden the pizazz that will get heads turning – they'll be overflowing with spectacular colour all summer long and the super-strong blooms will continue look great even through the wettest weather.
Guaranteed to give you fabulous results, we've done all the work for you – just hang them up, water them and let them do their thing. Consistent and predictable results every time. Pre-planted, just waiting to cascade with colour.
Supplied as a pair of green 25cm (10in) diameter hanging baskets preplanted with Impatiens, reaching a height and spread of 45cm (18in).


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