Trailing Balcony Geranium Decora Collection


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Well known for their ability to cascade with free flowering exuberance from window boxes and hanging baskets, trailing Geraniums are a must-have for every summer garden display, and the 'Decora' varieties are the most popular type across the UK and Europe.
This collection of trailing ivy-leaf Geraniums all have wonderfully bright, single flowers and are incredibly prolific, producing a non-stop torrent of colourful blooms from May until the frosts arrive in the autumn.
Geraniums will thrive in any warm, sun-drenched location and are tolerant of drought, perfect for those long hot summers, and you'll be rewarded to an even better show if you occasionally feed with a high potash plant food and deadhead faded flowers by cutting the whole stem off at its base.
Supplied as 24 plug plants, ready to grow on before planting out. reaching a height of 30cm (1ft) and trailing up to 1m (3ft), including:

'Decora Red' x 12 – Vivid red with a darker centre, trailing to 60cm (2ft).
'Decora Pink' x 6 – Bright pink with a splash of red in the centre, trailing to 60cm (2ft).
'Ville de Rheinberg' x 6 – White with magenta edges, trailing to over 1m (3ft).


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