Tulip Pinocchio


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'Pinocchio' are amongst the first tulips to come into flower, beginning in March. A dwarf variety, what they lack in stature they certainly make up for in colour from both their flowers and their foliage.
The leaves are grey-green and heavily striped with maroon, creating an instantly unusual and striking appearance. The flowers are stunning, with bright red petals edged in creamy white. The flowers, at about 10 cm (4 in) across, are surprising large in proportion to the plant's height. They are an excellent choice rockeries or borders, where they will naturalise, growing in number year after year. They are ideal in patio pots and window boxes, and as these are a dwarf tulip, they will withstand strong spring winds better that taller varieties, looking perfect throughout their flowering period. Also, they're wonderful cut flowers, perfect for brightening up your home.
Tulips are easy to grow and care for and can be left in the ground after flowering as long as it's well drained, so you'll get another wonderful display the following year.
Supplied as 15 bulbs, size 10/11, ready to plant in autumn, growing to a height of 20 cm (8 in) and width of 10 cm (4 in).


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